The subcompact SUV category continues to enjoy a lot of popularity these days. Many drivers need something that can hold more than a sedan and can travel places your average car can't go. However, many shoppers also need something efficient that can take on city driving confidently. The Honda HR-V is a choice that checks off all these boxes and, to prove it, we compared it against three well-known challengers of its class. Let us give you a taste of our findings at Southeastern Honda, so you can decide if this subcompact choice is the right one for you.

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Top Advantages of the Honda HR-V

  • Honda HR-V vs Toyota Corolla Cross: Against the all-new Corolla Cross, we see that the Honda HR-V is the superior choice in the categories of interior space and cargo volume. While slightly smaller, the Honda HR-V maximizes its interior space, providing lots of comfort for all five passengers and a more spacious cargo area, with quicker expansion available to help you maximize volume for a journey to Cocoa Riverfront Park.
  • Honda HR-V vs Nissan Kicks: The Honda HR-V has a distinct advantage over the Kicks in terms of available drivetrains, as the Kicks only comes available with front-wheel-drive, whereas the Honda HR-V comes available with either 2WD or AWD. The standard engine of the Honda HR-V also contributes the greater performance, with a higher horsepower output than the standard engine of the Kicks.
  • Honda HR-V vs Subaru Crosstrek: The Subaru Crosstrek provides a formidable challenge to the Honda HR-V's outdoor driving capabilities, especially on the trails of Vero Beach. However, the Crosstrek falls drastically short of the Honda HR-V when it comes to cargo volume and backseat space. Your rear passengers will feel a lot more comfortable in the Honda HR-V, especially on long-distance road trips.

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